What we have planned

Amongst many ravishing descriptors, some authors have also referred to India as a 'land of processions'. This speaks strongly to its breathtaking diversity which reflects in all aspects of daily living. Over generations people have beautifully woven together religious and cultural practices creating an enriching fabric of year round celebrations marking many festivals throughout the country. As people of Indian origin across the pond, we take pride in our rich cultural heritage and strive to strengthen and pass on our traditions to the next generation. With this at heart and unfailing support from the community VMCC will be planning events and hosting celebrations throughout the year.

Hindi Classes Curriculum:

• Read, write and pronounce Vowels

• Begin to learn Consonants

• Read simple two letter words

• Know vocabulary of fifty words

• Memorize five simple sentences

• Count from one to twenty

Memorize and recite three simple rhymes


Homework and Exams (verbal and written)


A certificate will be issued after passing the exams.