Vermont Mandir and Cultural Center

A 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Organization

Vermont Mandir and Culture Center (VMCC) is embarking on a pious mission to build the very first Sanatan/Hindu temple (Mandir) in Vermont. 

VMCC is dedicated to fostering Hindu culture in this region, and a permanent Mandir will play a vital role. Your support is crucial in making this vision a reality. Please contribute generously and share the campaign link with your contacts and your larger circle of influence to help us accomplish this sacred goal. Small donations from many can have a significant impact on advancing this sacred cause. 

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VMCC’s mission is to provide its members and community at large a platform to practice, immerse and grow in their Sanatan faith, while nurturing their religious and cultural practices. 


The VMCC will be a major center of spiritual and religious education and activities in the state of Vermont. It will promote Sanatan/Hindu philosophy of Truth, Karma, Meditation, Love, Peace, and Non-Violence.

VMCC seeks to serve the community with equality, purity of thought and actions. VMCC shall assemble group of volunteers/staff that will selflessly and tirelessly serve the community with respect and humility.