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VMCC is a member-based organization. Non-members will always be welcome and will be able to attend all public events, such as puja (worship), darshan, rituals and meditation.

Membership will provide the privilege of participation in board elections and voting on important matters. Members will also be eligible to participate in all standing committees. The annual membership for a basic member is a nominal $25 per family. A family is considered kids under the age of 18 and their parents/guardians. Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Even though VMCC is a member based organization, our main source of income is donation from the community. Please consider donating today. You can donate using above Venmo link or by sending a check, payable to VMCC, at the following address:

Sudhakar Kanuparthi

31 Cushing Drive

Essex Junction, VT 05452

VMCC is proud to partner with and can receive donations when you buy items from There is no additional cost to the purchaser, and all amazon gift certificates and coupons are honored at Please consider designating VMCC as your donation charity by following the link through the button above, and searching for "Vermont Mandir". Note that donations received from Amazon are grouped together for all orders received each quarter and cannot be allocated to a specific family to pay membership or increase a specific donor's level in the list below. VMCC will however, be improved and extremely honored that you chose to help us with your purchases.

Membership Levels:

Basic: $25 per year


Silver: $1,000 per year -> Gold: $2,000 per year --> Platinum: $3,000 per year and above


Above $10,000 (one-time donations or cumulative)

  • Donors and Patrons will automatically be members of the organization. Patrons and their family will automatically be entitled to the membership for life.
  • Honorary membership shall be granted to esteemed scholars, visiting dignitaries and spiritual leaders on a case-by-case basis by a majority vote of the board.
  • All members of the first Steering Committee will be called Founding Members.
  • Membership will be a privilege and members will be able to participate in board elections and voting on important matters.
  • All members will be eligible to participate in all standing committees.
  • If any member is found to be indulging in anti-mandir or anti-social activities, or abusing membership status, their membership may be cancelled by a majority vote of the Board. Any activity that is in conflict of Article II of Mandir Bylaws may be considered as anti-Mandir in its nature. Any activity in which individual or family membership is used for personal or collective gain of any kind may be considered as abusing membership status. Any organized activity on temple premises that is in conflict of mandir Vision may be considered as anti-social in nature.

Tax Considerations - VMCC is a Tax Exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal revenue Code. What it means is that contributions (cash, bequests, devises, transfers or gifts) to VMCC are tax deductible.
As always, please consult your own Tax, Legal, and Accounting advisors for any tax related advice. If you need VMCC's IRS determination letter, please let us know.